Zixiong Wei’s Random Design Sketch Generator

“The project aims to help designers quickly get inspiration for non-linear thinking with sketches.” – Zixiong Wei

Footwear Innovator, Designer and Artist, Zixiong Wei recently shared a look at his “Form Builder” project, where exisiting products are analysed and random design sketches are generated.

The curves and streamlines existing in the industrial form are summarized, and their aesthetics are formulated as much as possible to obtain the generator designed by the auxiliary designer. In the expected scenario, designers often need non-subjective design inspiration more when they are lack of inspiration or in trouble.Through the skip design process, to get unexpected inspiration and shape.” – Zixiong Wei

You can imagine how something like this could be incredibly useful for quickly coming up with unique proportions and shapes to base concepts off of in the future. See some of the randomly generated results that Zixiong came up with, below.




“For further application, we selected footwear as the basic model, tested and compared the condition of boundary band in 10%-30% and 50%-70% respectively.
Sketches produced in the 10%-30% range are unexpected and innovative.
Sketches produced in the 50-70% range are closer to the basic model of the shoe, more informative, but slightly boring compared to 10-30%.
Sketches drawn in the 50-70% range have extremely accurate feedback and are highly adaptable to precise details and zoning.”
– Zixiong Wei



Sketches produced in the 10%-30% range are unexpected and innovative.” – Zixiong Wei




“The case of the midsole inspiration.” – Zixiong Wei




Sketches drawn in the 50-70% range have very precise feedback and are well suited for precise details and partitions.” – Zixiong Wei

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