Yuta Hyakusoku x Nike Beach Soccer Shoe Concept (Updated)

Designed by Yuta Hyakusoku, this Nike Beach Soccer Shoe Concept is very well thought out and looks great. With a split in the toe, the shoe allows for greater movement in your toes as you play soccer, giving you better grip on the sand and feel for the ball.

“The main concept of this project is to enhance the perfomance of a beach soccer players. As of yet there has not been a substantial market for Beach Soccer footwear. Therefore, in this project I will propose a new design of training shoes used in everyday practice.” – Yuta

Check out the development of the concept, below.

[highlight] Could you tell us a little about yourself? [/highlight]

I was grown up in Japan and Los Angeles. I love fashion and footwear since I was a child.

Last October, I’ve moved to Portland to work under D’wayne Edward who was a former Jordan director at NIKE.

Before I met him in PENSOLE, I was an apparel graphic designer for 3years in Los Angeles and I wanted to study footwear. So, I decided to take a footwear design class in Art Center College of Design because Grant Delgatty who was a former director of Design at VANS was teaching the class.

[highlight] What inspired this project? [/highlight]

Pro beach soccer players are struggling with sands while they are playing on the sands. So, I researched the animals which living in the desert. So, I found the Camels. They can run fast on the sands because they have a fat of ball in their heels. Then, I thought I could use the function into my shoe design. That was my 1st inspiration.

[highlight] What is your favorite feature of the design? [/highlight]

I like the designs, which have a story behind, functions based on the researches, and details.

So, my favorite shoes are Nike total 90 Laser and Reebok pump fury