#YourGoToPair – The Second Life of Your Design

Generally the initial intent when you design a pair of shoes is to make them look their best when their fresh out the box or standing on the shelf. This is your/the brands aesthetic, and it’s very important, obviously. However, the other side to that, a side I (and Brett Golliff) find incredibly interesting, is how the consumer wears your design, how it ages, how they make the shoe their own and also how the shoe takes on a personality of its own.

Uniqueness in a world of mass produced product seems to be something everyone strives for. Things like Nike ID help you create your own unique colour/material combination, then there are other designs like the Margiela x Converse collaboration where the shoe is designed to crack and age, creating a totally unique aesthetic to their owner. It’s an interesting thought process to take into account; how will your design age and alter with time, whats the life-line of your design? Does it end when the consumer purchases it, or does the story keep on developing?

a-closer-look-at-the-maison-martin-margiela-x-converse-first-string-collection-02Good friend and fellow design entrepreNERD, Brett Golliff recently started a very interesting feature series where he asks his friends and fellow players in the footwear industry what their ‘Go-To-Pair’ of shoes are. You know, the cracked, smelly shoes that you love like a child and have developed a character entirely unto themselves through the drudgery and daily exploits you put them through.

‘In my new feature, “Your Go-To”, I will share the pairs that I have worn to battle and the war stories behind them. I have also asked my friends to share their go-to pairs as well, so you get an idea as to what different personalities do with their shoes. So be on the look out for many players in our sneaker community’s story on the pair that gets them through thick and thin.’ – Brett

Needless to say, I was flattered when he asked for my own ‘Go-To-Pair’, and it was pretty obvious which one I’d pick for it; my Palladium boots. These wool-lined boots have kept my feet looking great and feeling warm in a multitude of locations and weather conditions.

You can check out the full story here.

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