Y3 Concept by Antoine Giard

A quick adrenaline shot of inspiring content from the French designer, Antoine Giard.

This beautifully executed Y3 rendering features an overall shrouded, waterproof upper, BOOST midsole and a rear fastening.
I think it goes without saying that the detailing on this rendering is super impressive. The Neon lighting and back-lit water drops give the shoe a sense of realism, all while still remaining conceptual and exciting with the added dry ice steam exuding from inside of the shoe. The concept itself is both techy and minimal, a type of juxtaposition that Y3 executes very well on a lot of their styles.

You can see more of Antoine’s rendering, below (click the image for a closer look).


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Mr. Bailey

Product Designer + Footwear Architect | Founder of @ConceptKicks | www.MrBailey.co.uk

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