Y-A FUYU HIGH by David Olivares

A first glance, this concept looks a little off…at second glance, you realize that that is exactly why it’s so intriguing.

I’m not sure if the designer, David Olivares intentionally meant to make the 3D model quite so blocky, or whether he was limited by his 3D modeling skills. Either way, the blocky proportions and lines of this Y3 x ACRONYM collaboration concept left my mind reeling…can you imagine this shoe actually being built with that exact blocky last and super sharp lines? It would be like a real life cartoon shoe…but in a super sleek and even, aesthetically pleasing, way.

In-organic last shapes/adaptations have also been somewhat of a trend lately, so this is definitely on par with some of the more conceptual shoes I’ve seen being released lately. It would be interesting to see a first proto.

You can check out David’s incredibly interesting Y3 x ACRONYM, Y-A FUYU HIGH concept project, below.








Mr. Bailey

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