Y-3 Creates Spacesuits for Virgin Galactic Pilots (Video)

This is possibly one of the most awesome titles i’ve ever written for an article. If anyone knows me, they know I geek out with shit like this.

Astronauts piloting Virgin Galatic’s commercial space flights will be suiting up in their very own, Y-3 onsey & boot combo. The flight suit is woven using a heat-resistant, synthetic material that’s engineered by 3D pattern.

“The pilot flight-suit prototype that we have developed truly represents both of our brands and, more importantly, will ensure comfort, functionality and support for the pilots of the world’s first commercial space flights,” – Y-3 senior design director Lawrence Midwood

Utilizing leather and Nomex, Y-3 also developed a boot specifically for the pilots. The boots have abbrasive outsoles, as well as also have heel inserts for added comfort and shock absorption. They plan on testing out the boot and onesy combo during the Virgin Galactic’s flight test programme, and then iterating the designs based on their feedback.



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