wOOw by Brian Boidin

It’s always great to see different types of shoe carrying/boxing concepts, especially one with such an interesting inspiration. Thought up by Rotterdam designer, Brian Boidin, wOOw is an ode to streetballers from the ‘early days’ (think And1 mixtapes, outrageous/ironic nick names and corn rows), wear rockin’ your ballin’ sneaks around your shoulders was the popular choice of transportation for your game time shoes.

‘Wear your sneakers with a matching bag, wouldn’t that be great? wOOw presents this concept with the new redesigned ‘shoebox’. A concept based on the idea of the early days street basketballers (that) walk(ed) to the court with laced shoes thrown over the shoulder. Back home the shoe protectors can be turned into a bag with a simple twist.’ Brian

Check out more of Brian’s interesting twist on this concept, after the jump.