“Wild” luxury footwear collection by Sergio Toro (UpDated)

The “Wild” collection is a culmination of three distinct wildlife inspirations, the ‘Manta’, ‘Jaws’ and ‘Venom’ boots feature unique design attributes that embody each of the three subjects designer Sergio Toro had in mind when creating them. From a metal spike at the heal, representing the Manta Ray’s stinger, to chromed out blingy teeth, each concept offers an interesting and distinct use of materials and manufacturing processes to further embody the characteristics synonymous with each of the three subjects. Check out more of Sergio’s “Wild” footwear, after the jump.

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[highlight] CK – Can you tell us a little about yourself? [/highlight]

ST – I was born and raised in Ukraine. Always dreamed of being a designer, but unfortunately in my home town there were no such prospects.
At 16, I immigrated with my family to New York City in search of greater opportunities. All my childhood I have been visualizing and sketching ideas inside my head, and at 17 years of age I picked up a pencil and started putting my ideas on paper. Eventually I took some drawing classes to build portfolio, in order to get accepted to design institute. My first year of higher education I’ve spent in College for Creative Studies. The rest three years I have completed in Europe, Coventry University(UK), where I attained a BA in Transport and Product design with first class honors. Shortly afterward, I became involved in a wide range of design projects with different companies before deciding to pursue a career in the footwear industry. Since then, I live and work in the constantly inspiring New York City.

[highlight] CK – What inspired these designs? [/highlight]

ST – With my first collection I wanted to create an experience, which can help to evoke wild instincts that people posses.
“Humanity has buried its natural instincts deep within and the world has become a treacherous place.
The only way to survive here is to stand out. Unleash yourself — life is more than existence.” (this is my introduction to “Wild” collection)

[highlight] CK – What are your favorite design features? [/highlight]

ST – Every design element that I create are equality valuable to me, because I put a lot of meaning and mythology into it.
I leave it to the viewers to decide who truly understand luxury avant-garde art.
My mission is to get the message across and offer my customers to experience something very unique and valuable.