Why All My Jordans Are Imitations, and All Yours Probably Are Too

In our recent collaborative rant with SLAMXHYPE we decided to touch on a subject thats actually been irking us for a while; the ‘Re-Mastered’ release from brand Jordan –

What would you consider an imitation? An inferior copy? Something that has been based off of an original product, but produced with inferior materials and then passed off as an original (and sold at the same price)? Well, if this statement holds true, all your “retro” Jordan purchases over the past couple of decades fall into the ‘imitation’ category. Sorry, bro.


The Air Jordan, and almost all of its iterations, are some of the most popular designs in sneaker history. First released in 1984, the shoe has become an undeniable staple in urban America, and all it takes is a quick stroll through any city to spot a few pairs. With three-figure prices, though, they represent the upper echelon of footwear attainable by the masses. Jordan Brand recently revealed that they will be unveiling a ‘re-mastered’ series of J’s, made from the high quality materials used on the originals — which begs the question – what quality of material have they been using on their re-issued, retro releases all this time, then?

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S/O to Drew & Chris for helping me bring this article up a lot of notches.


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