Were The ‘Yeezy Boosts’ The Shoe Of The Year?

In case you didn’t know, the FN Platform just awarded Kanye ‘The Shoe Of The Year’ for his line with adidas. I’ve had a couple people reach out to get my humble opinion on whether I believe the Yeezy Boost’s were the shoes of the year. And my answer would have to be yes…and no.

I will be the first to admit, both my circle of creatives and myself loved the Yeezy Boost 350, we were all very appreciative of it’s minimal design and features. They’re beautiful shoes. I actually own a pair myself and have to admit they’re cozy af also.

But is the Yeezy Boost line worthy of the ‘Shoe Of The Year’ title? Well, I suppose it depends on what you’re basing the award on. Is it based on design, innovation or cultural impact/hype?

At this point I’m sure Kanye could put his name on a pair of clown shoes and they’d sell out…so is basing the ‘shoe of the year’ on hype alone really the best way of finding the true, best shoe of the year? Probably not. Take Kanye’s name off of the shoes, and then we’ll see how they fair.

Of course, this is great marketing for FN. They, like any other company, need to stay relevant in the industry and make money. What better way of doing that then by giving the award to Ye? It’s also easy for me to say there are many other designs, smaller brands and lesser known designers that have created more interesting, more innovative and exciting footwear this year. But, at the same time, I can’t say there’s been a line of shoe’s that have had the cultural impact that the Yeezy Boost’s have had. So if that’s what the award is being based on, then yes, I think they deserve the title.

I’m planning on getting a few other footwear designers and industry insiders opinions on the matter, so stay tuned for an interesting conversation on who we think also had a shot at ‘The Shoe Of The Year’ (but we’ll perhaps base it on a few other parameters also).

Render by David Whetstone.



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