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A very interesting, award winning, project from designer, Ron Lo, these ‘Waterfly’ running shoes can be inflated to different levels to provide the optimum amount of support and function. With an upper and sole inspired by the kung-fu mantra, ‘be water my friends’, the design incorporates a ripple print on top of nano inflatable fibers for the upper and a blueish transparent, ‘Jelly silicone’ sole. Another great little feature is the fact that the shoe’s can be totally deflated when not in use, allowing for more efficient packing and transportation –

The design concept comes from kung-fu “floating above the water,” giving a light image and bringing into the image on modern running shoes. Separate the style into three parts, first, the curves and color of the shoe surface come from the ripples occurred when the water touched by foot creating rhythmic feeling ; secondly, streamline shape represent ups and downs of the waves; third, jelly silicone rubber bottom best describes the sense of lightness floating on the water.

See more of Ron Lo’s concept, below –






‘The textile yarn on the shoe surface allows the air to flow, making by tons of nano inflatable line mix with yarns.’


‘The concept of the shoe bottom comes from the real foot muscle lines, trying to convey the idea of running with bear feet. Cut the bottom into grid-like inflatable to provide bigger area for stepping inflating operation. As for the bottom heel part imitates the muscle tissue.’







‘Stepping allows the air flow in from the bottom stoma, transporting the air to the special textile on the surface to increase the surface thus provide enough protection to the ankles.’





Mr. Bailey

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