Volvo Winter Shoe Concept by ByoungOh Choi

ByoungOh Choi currently studies transportation design at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

Transportation design has always been incredibly intriguing to me and is something I’ve had the pleasure of being able to delve into every once in a while. Part of the reason why I find that industry to inspiring, is that the designers involved in it are ridiculously skilled. From sketches to rendering, 3D modeling and model building, everything has to be on point.
However, as skilled as transportation designers are, it doesn’t always translate to footwear. There’s been plenty of times where I’ve been awe struck by a designers beautiful transportation ideation’s, and then left wondering what the hell happened when it came to a shoe design they created. What i’m saying is that though both disciplines are very similar, with a ton of aesthetic cross-overs, transportation design has it’s unique challenges, just as footwear design also does. Being good at one, doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be good at the other.

That all being said, ByoungOh Choi appears to be a designer that excels in both transportation and footwear design. Utilizing Volvo’s Scandinavian functionality and aesthetic, ByoungOh has done a brilliant job of placing Volvo’s essence into this Winter Shoe concept.

“Volvo is well known for Scandinavian design. The deature of Scandinavian design is simplicity, and unexpected flow. This project is based on those defined keywords, so elastic gore is used instead of laces to keep it simple. Plus, orange is used as the accent color and the patterns are cut on unexpected shape.” – ByoungOh

You can see, ByoungOh’s cleanly laid out project, below.

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