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  • lion1885 - 8 years ago


  • Jeff_huf - 8 years ago

    thumbs up

  • Zack Smiley - 8 years ago

    Peep me while I freak this

  • David More - 8 years ago

    Veryyy CCool

  • Tarane - 8 years ago

    the video on top of the page that shows the rendering of a girls shoe couldn’t be faster???? i can barely see the commands that you do.
    its my opinion but i think if you do a tutorial video it should at least show the most important commands and be a little slower so that anyone could get it.
    But its so good. thanx any way.

    • cncptkicks - 8 years ago

      Hi Tarane,

      That video is a “teaser”, we will be posting slower tutorial versions of how to build that shoe render.
      Glad you like it though,


      • Jordan - 7 years ago

        Hey guys, just wondering is the full length render tutorial available anywhere yet? Would find it really helpful, thanks!

        • Nioc22 - 7 years ago

          Hello guys. First congratz for your work, very very very nice blog, like it a lot!! Just want to know did you finaly post the slowe tutorial of How to build the shoe render. I am very interresting like jordan sayz it will be realy helpful…Thanks a lot! Best regards

      • Justin - 7 years ago

        any news on putting up a full tutorial yet? really been looking forward to it for a while. I cant find any good ones elsewhere online. Thanks in advance !

  • Tarane - 8 years ago

    I appriciate it. the videos are cool. No dout about that.

  • Blair - 8 years ago

    thanks for this website man visit it regularly to view the articles, and interviews for inspiration. Videos are good and I hope to see more in the future thanks

  • Joshua - 8 years ago

    Very Nice! Put up the tutorial for the teaser soon please! 😀

  • marcus - 7 years ago

    Thanks the tutorial video, i want to know the “software name” in the second video use by MAC. thank you..

  • SMCD - 6 years ago

    When is the Rendering full video coming out im really really looking forward to it?!

  • Lucus Houle - 4 years ago

    love what you’re doing here, keep up the good work man

  • Hilary Colpus - 4 years ago

    Love the sketching. what software are you using?

    • Chris Siwinski - 3 years ago

      Autodesk Sketch and Adobe Photoshop