Vacuum Shaped Shoe | Filip Ridderström

Taking a somewhat Crocs inspired development method and creating something a little different, Swedish designer Filip Ridderström, has created a vacuum shaped brown shoe made entirely from EVA, all the way down to the laces.

“As a part of a Footwear Design course at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University I explored new ways of creating a shoe through vacuum forming. The idea was to try and simplify the way shoes are made and try to find a cheaper and faster way of creating a customized shoe. I in this project experimented with a lot of different plastics, the final prototype is made out of EVA, the material that outsole often are made out of.” – Filip Ridderström

The development method of a shoe is often just as interesting to play with as the design of the aesthetic. Tinkering with production methods is a brilliant way of creating an authentic and innovative aesthetic that is derived directly from the construction of the shoe. Case & point, these vacuum shaped shoes. OK, so they may need a little finessing, but their unique feel and look is unmistakable. No need for excessive details, the story of the shoe is in the production method and the materials used.

Check out Filip Ridderström’s work, below.










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