UNEEK Bot Builds KEEN Footwear in 6 Minutes

Gearjunkie recently posted an article about KEEN’s UNEEK Bot(s), a pair of robots that can thread and create a pair of KEEN’s UNEEK uppers in just 6 minutes. The process, recently shown at a shopping district in Tokyo, isn’t quite 100-percent automated just yet as a cobbler still needs to put the finishing touches on the non-knit parts of the shoe, but still halves the time it usually takes humans to do it.

For more info about the project, check out the video below where Rory Fuerst Jr., KEEN’s Director and Innovation and the son of KEEN co-founder Rory Fuerst Sr., talks about the design and development that went into the initiative.



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  • 정연호 - 3 years ago

    robots are making keens now..