Travis Lonigan – Amelia Earhart Sorel Boot Concepts (Updated)

Drawing inspiration from Ameila Earhart for this series of Sorel boots, Travis Lonigan displays a variety of intriguing concepts. Leather of course being a huge part of these concepts, you can really see the Amelia references throughout the design. Check out the concepts, renders and one of the final samples, below.

[highlight] Can you tell us a little about yourself? [/highlight]

I’ve had a fascination for beauty and premium luxury since I was young which led me into industrial design. Fortunately, a couple of big brands have allowed me to join their teams to create products with plenty of state of the art engineering and ridiculous quality (Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, BMW, Columbia Sportswear and Sorel). With the Sorel collection here I was asked to create a women’s specific boot collection for Sorel’s Fall/Winter ’11 line that played up the brand’s unique benefits and it’s rich heritage. The Merchandising team here at Sorel identified the name Sorelia Earhart which was a great launching point for a classic boot collection. In Amelia Earhart’s day it was unthinkable that a woman could circumnavigate the globe

[highlight] What inspired these concepts? [/highlight]

Let alone fly an airplane. Yet, through her passion, skill and persistence she became an icon for a generation of pioneering women. If you think about context, she was a pilot that had to ply her skill in a world engineered for airmen in the Second World War. Her gear (footwear, flight suit, etc.) was an adaptation of the gear worn by the Royal Air Force and U.S. airmen. This collection from Sorel takes the same shearling constructions of that past age and mixes them with a new closer fitting feminine silhouette to create something Amelia might have enjoyed as she pioneered the skies. We see Amelia as a hero with a unique story that matched the rugged constructions and ambitions that the Sorel brand also embodies. For decades Sorel has enabled explorers, like Amelia, to reach destinations as diverse as the Arctic caps and the farthest reaches of the continents with it’s durable and timelessly constructed boots. My favorite part of the project was achieved when our development team realized the classic Sorel shell in leather instead of rubber, which created a lighter more wearable boot. The shearling upper is both soft and warm

[highlight] What is your favorite feature of the designs? [/highlight]

Making it a cozy proposition for women in colder seasons. Hopefully Amelia would be wearing it if she were here today. One thing is for sure – the designer’s at Sorel have surpassed this boot many times since this piece debuted. Take one look at the Fall/Winter ’12 line and you’ll know what I mean! I’m consistently impressed by what designers Angie Spring, Scott Portzline, and some other designers -along with the Sorel Color and Materials team bring to the table season after season.

‘Image board for Sorelia (Amelia) Earhart – hero pioneer of aviation and patron saint for this series of Sorel boots for the 2011 Fall/Winter season’ – Travis