Training Shoe Concept by Steven Dennis

Chameleon is an adaptive training footwear that helps you exercise to your maximum capabilities. Using a pressure sensitive insock Chameleon gives you direct weight distribution feedback, allowing you to correct your footing and balance during any given exercise. 

Acting like a training partner it helps you achieve your targets in the gym whilst minimising the risk of injury. Just like chameleons adapt to their environment, it is important to adapt to different exercises when training with weight resistance. Although weight training can be hugely beneficial, the risk of injury is very apparent and with improper technique it is a probable occurrence.
Stand strong and lift powerfully with Chameleon’s removable heel support. With an intuitive removable heel design, the modular heel cup helps you maintain balance and support your ankles whilst you power through those last few reps.
Chameleon’s pressure sensitive insock design is based around 6 force sensors embedded in the insock of the shoe. The sensors are distributed around the insock to give you live feedback  about how much weight you are distributing in what area of the shoe. The information is wirelessly transmitted to your mobile or an optional hand held screen. By understanding where you are distributing your weight you can get better body awareness before lifting any weight.