Tinker Hatfield Discusses The Design Story Behind The Nike Air Max Zero (Video)

The legendary designer, Tinker Hatfield sat down with Highsnobiety to discuss some of the design story behind Nike’s latest, Tinker designed release, the Nike Air Max Zero.

Stating that initially the design was a little too forward thinking for the time, they decided not to release the Nike Air Max Zero until a later date. They instead, opted to create a design that would be easier to digest by consumers at the time (enter, the Air Max 1).

The success of the Air Max line is undeniable. It seems with each new addition to the line-up, both Tinker and Nike are further cementing their strong hold on the footwear industry. And now they’re looking cement it further with the release of the Nike Air Max Zero. With the current footwear climate focused on the culmination of tech infused casual footwear, Tinker believes that right now is the perfect time to release the more progressive Air Max style.

Check out what Tinker has to say about being a futurist, how his past as an architect has helped him, what constitutes ‘good design’, and much more in the video below.









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