Time Travelling Design Challenge Winner – Dominic Dina

It’s our pleasure to congratulate last months winner of ours and Mesh01’s Time Travelling design challenge, Dominic Dina for his beautifully designed, Donnie Darko inspired sneaker concept-

‘The time travel theme inspired me to do a Donnie Darko shoe, since it is my favorite time travel movie. Donnie doesn’t have a license, so I made a shoe for bike riding as well as sleep walking.’ – Dominic

With elastic straps that keep the laces out of bike gears, a phylon heel that allows for comfortable sleep walking, and an overall clean and very well thought out design, we congratulate Dominic on a job well done!

Stay tuned for our next competition with Mesh coming this week.

Description: elastic strap keeps laces out of bike gears. phylon heel allows for comfortable sleep walking. – Dominic