TI:ME Slippers

It’s great to be part of projects now and then that really challenge you creatively, as honestly I spend a lot of time designing product for clients thats really pretty safe, mainstream type stuff, which is still fun don’t get me wrong…and things like that put money in my pocket to enable my more creative outlets, like this. But at my core I’m built to go against the mainstream, boring BS, poorly designed product that we see on a daily basis, because I care about good design. This is a project where we managed to dissect what we thought was missing, and come up with creative ways to tackle that and fill the gap. Designed to look like a sneaker, but function like a slipper, in my eyes this is certainly something that sets itself apart, and the design features we’ve come up with still make me grin slightly…you know that grin like…hell yeah, thats fkn cool..

TI:ME Slippers, created by, Ryan Dougherty, Rahul Panchal, Corey Wyatt & myself (MrB) are slippers designed to help you chill out, combat stress, and recover energy, so that you can be your best, mentally and physically… without looking like a hobbit.

Pre-order your own pair here, and watch their ‘interesting’ and hilarious music video here.


Design Details:

Wearers can easily slip in and out because of the ultra-flexible, SumoStretch laces and wide open, V-cut entry at the heel. Straps on the Mid and Hi versions allow for adjustment tight-ness at the ankle for an added snug feeling.

Inside, the foot is greeted with the soft cushion of YogaMat in-soles, and a super comfortable lining. The outsole is a custom blend of materials that create flexibility and reduce tension on the foot while walking.








Mr. Bailey

Product Designer + Footwear Architect | Founder of @ConceptKicks | www.MrBailey.co.uk

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