This Instagram Account Is Reincarnating VHS Tapes Into Shoes

IG account @Footwear_Trials has been busy turning random objects into footwear concepts. From VHS tapes and Trucker hats to old radio casette players and skateboards.

Below you can see some of the trials they’ve already executed, head to their Instagram account to see more.


“Started this project where I take one object and use this object to create a sneaker. This time I transformed an old trucker-hat into a Wallabee-like construction. It surprised me that so many shapes of the hat fitted my last so perfectly. I divided the cap in two pieces so it could serve as heel-and-toe enforcement. I reversed the foam and covered it by the mesh to give it a more clean look. Last but not least, the use of the plastic snap as closing was an obvious choice done much better by @calvinklein but why not..” – @Footwear_Trials


“This time I was curious to see how an old VHS tape could be a sneaker. I soon found out that the actual filmtape could be weaved into an upper. For the outsole I connected bits and pieces from the VHS to make the tape circle around and connected the upper and outsole with that same tape.
Let’s hope
@kellyhart is not mad at me for using this old 411VM issue number 45.” – @Footwear_Trials


“This one is a little different than usual. Instead of a sneaker reincarnation a sneaker rebirth. From #janoski in the streets to @stefanjanoski in a suit. A Big Special thank you to @eelcodekoning for this opportunity!!” – @Footwear_Trials

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