The Wonderful World of Safa Şahin

Footwear designer, Safa Şahin may say he hails from Turkey, but his designs are certainly not of this planet. You never really know what to expect from Mr. Şahin, it could be cheese block soles one minute, then incredibly complex 3D prints the next…and I find it super inspiring.

“For me, it’s never difficult to create new concepts and designs. I love my job.” – Şahin

Having graduated from the Turkish Shoemakers Industrialists Institute Foundation (TSIIF) in the Department of Shoedesign in 2008, Şahin has had his collection’s shown in exhibitions across the world, from the USA to Italy. His work my not be entirely functional, but it is entirely inspiring. Blurring the lines of art and design (leaning rather heavily to the latter), Şahin is a beautiful example of making thought’s, not matter how whacky, become reality.

Check out the wonderful world that is Safa Şahin, below.

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safa sahin

safa sahin

safa sahin


safa sahin

safa sahin








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