The Process Behind Coolrain Lee’s 1/6 Scale Model Of The Octopus Shoe

Coolrain Lee is an absolute master craftsmen. During this whole process I’ve really been in awe of the insane amount of detail he put into creating a miniature model of not only my Mr. Bailey x Takashi Murakami Octopus sneaker from ComplexCon’s “Sneakers For Breakfast” exhibit, but also a super detailed mini version of me (including all my tatoos and favourite items of clothing).

For starters, Coolrain actually creates his own mini lasts, as well as recreating the 3D model of the sole that were based on my original sketches (the real soles proportions and design details had to be tweaked slightly to make it possible to actually be moulded) – from there the process just kept on leveling up, with him actually creating a few sample rounds of the shoe, just like in real life, even going as far as to paint the mini Jelly eye I put on the back lace toggle.

As you can see from below, the end result is pretty mind blowing. To get a good glimpse into the incredibly intricate detail and love that has been put into the creation of these, you can see some of the images and videos from Coolrain’s IG, below.

Figure building by @coolrainlee & @ladybroown
Photography by @pilmostudio
Costume by @ladybroown
All work by @coolrainlabo
Mr. Bailey

Product Designer + Footwear Architect | Founder of @ConceptKicks |

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