The Nike Sensation Room at The Nature of Motion

I realize I may be a little late on covering Nike’s, ‘The Sensation Room’ at their ‘The Nature of Motion’ exhibit at Milan Design Week, but I just wanted to let things settle and breathe a bit. Posting 3 or 4 articles in a row about this same event would have been pretty easy for me to do, but perhaps also be a little tedious. Almost an overload of insane inspiration, and I think things like this are often better soaked in over time, rather then all at once.
So, now a few days has passed I figure I really have no option but to cover some of the super inspiring concepts that were showcased in a particular section of the exhibit; ‘The Sesnsation Room’.

A mixture of ‘alien science experiment’ and art, there are some incredibly intriging elements to each an every single one of the concepts on display.
Nike Sportswear Design Director, Nate Jobe discussed the collaboration that led to ‘The Sensation Room’;

“The overall theme of our project draws from the original inspiration for the first Nike Free shoe: running on grass. We took this idea and translated it into cushioning concepts for the city. In New York, Tokyo, London and Paris, you’re always on your feet. You’re exposed to the elements and walking all day long. But what if you could walk on any surface you wanted while being in a big city? Grass is a lot more forgiving than concrete.

Each of the six designers who worked on this project explored their own interpretation of grass using a 3D printout to create an all-day, everyday comfort concept. In one, the grass is bent over. One features cut grass, while another is like a putting green… Then we used a pressure map of the bottom of the foot to position the grass in high-impact areas.” – Nate Jobe

For the full explination from Nate, head here.








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