The Making of a Custom Yeezy Boost at the Modern Vice Factory in NYC

Every now and then it’s fun to try something a little different and utilize the amazing resources myself and my big homie/business partner, Omar have at our disposal. One of the biggest being our relationship with our fam at Modern Vice, and their fully functioning footwear factory in the heart of NYC’s garment district. We’ve actually moved our CKLAB office into the factory to make sampling for our clients and personal ventures a lot easier. We’re also looking at getting some 3D printers in there and a couple other goodies to create the craziest footwear development resource on the East coast.

The story behind this particular project being that Omar managed to get his hands on some Yeezy Boost’s and thought it would be great idea to harness some of the hype surrounding them and do a little something for charity (and to put the factories skills on blast, I mean the craftsmanship on these is just ridiculous). Of course, the hypebeasts responded in true hypebeastyness, and we thank them for it. From super rich kids, to rappers, I won’t tell you what people offered to get their hands on these, but it was a lot.

Either way, aside from abusing the hype machine, the making of these was just a beautiful sight to behold. The guys working at the factory are extremely skilled in all areas of shoe making, and these were not an easy shoe to re-make, especially in Python. Below you can see some of the work that went into creating these one-of-a-kind Yeezy customs.
















Mr. Bailey

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