The Layering Movement by Chengxu Tian

Recetnly graduated, Chinese designer, Chengxu Tian created a collection of footwear entitled, “The Layering Movement” for his final Footwear Design MA project at the London College of Fashion.

The focus of the collection was to try and improve on current injection moulding technique’s and to create a dynamic 3D layering textured material to apply to the shoe’s uppers and sole units.

“My aim is to create new material by pushing the boundaries of traditional injection mold technique, which combines PVC and fabric.” – Chengxu

Seemingly somewhat of a mix between HF Wedling and the 3D printing, the process used to create these shoes used an extremley powerfull press machine, therefore the shoe does not require the use of glue during construction at all.

“This makes the combination between PVC and fabric extremely stable. The normal manufacturing process only uses one electric oven to heat the mould, and this changes the PVC from a liquid to solid state. Due to the increase of the texture depth, which is atleast 7mm-10mm, this makes the injection mould very thick. This traditional method does not work. We used two ovens to heat the materials, one is above the mould, the other one is under the mould. After these technical improvements, a new material, which has a unique or unusual surface textured 3D effect can be created.” – Chengxu

All of the footwear was created in China. Even though China (and Asia in general) is a leading location for more technically driven footwear development, Chengxu wanted to use this project to show how improvments can be made to footwear production in his home country.

You can see Chengxu’s highly impressive and well thought out project, below.


chengxu shoes5

chengxu shoes4

chengxu shoes3

chengxu shoes2

chengxu shoes1









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