The Inspiration Behind The Nike Lunar Control Vapor

Nike Golf continues to release outstanding footwear. In a market that seems dominated by three stripe headlines, Nike Golf delivers incredibly beautiful and innovative footwear that, at least on my radar, seem to be massively underrated.

Admittedly, I’m not a Golfer. And to be honest, given the incredibly pristine gold courses I’ve seen these Golf pro’s play, having a super techy shoe seems a little like bringing a semi-automatic rifle to a spoon fight. Regardless of my ignorant opinion though, the Nike Lunar Control Vapor might be one of the most ridiculous (in a good way) shoes I’ve seen from the swoosh in quite some time. That outsole for one is just pure insanity.

“Inspired by the tread on snowmobiles, the new traction system, which was first introduced in the Nike Flyknit Elite, decouples the medial heel and lateral forefoot area to help propel the athlete through the swing. The articulated channels also allow for better balance while keeping the golfer lower to the ground. A unique TPU tread features a protruding series of tooth-like tracks allowing for more points of contact for maximum traction that continuously engage with the ground as weight shifts from heel to toe.” –

Nike already almost made me take up Golf once before, just so I could wear the Nike Lunar Bandon’s, and they’re tempting me again with these.

More beauty shots below.







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