The Design Process Of The Nike Zoom X Vaporfly Next %

Senior Footwear Designer at Nike Running, Vianney de Montgolfier recently shared some of his initial sketches and renderings of Nike’s latest high performance running shoe, the Zoom X Vaporfly Next %.

“This shoe is truly the result of our athletes, sport scientists, engineers and designers closely collaborating throughout the entire process of design, testing and manufacturing. We are all so excited to see the NEXT% continue to push the limits of human performance on marathon courses around the world.” – Brett Holts, Nike VP of Running

Nike sought to improve on the moisture wicking abilities to keep the weight of the sneaker down as much as possible, which led to the creation of VaporWeave, a fabric lighter than Flyknit that absorbs far less water. The forefoot also features better wet-surface traction/stability and they also feature more ZoomX in the midsole. The offset was also decreased from 11mm to 8mm for more propulsion during the stride. All these alterations and additions, yet the weight is still exactly the same. (SneakerNews)

You can see some of the initial design process, as well as some images of the final Nike Zoom X Vaporfly Next %, below.


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