The Design Process Of The Nike Space Hippie 01 – 02 – 03

Computational 3D Innovator at Nike, Matt Thornton recently shared some of the process that went into the creation of Nike’s Space Hippie collection (Specifically 01, 02 & 03).

“This project came to life with the help of a great Nike NXT team. As the 3D design arm of the team I modeled concepts from the product designer and together we collaborated to come up with what is today the Nike Space Hippie 01 – 02 – 03.” – Matt Thornton

Below you can see some of the initial inspiration, as well as the 3D development and final silhouettes.


Final concept model
“This was the final concept model that we did before the remainder of the changes were done between the designer and the factory. The goal of the concept model is to inspire and pull ideas out of your mind and put something into physical form and space. Sometimes there are many changes that happen between handoff and final model. It takes a full team to bring complex product to market. did a final pass with the NXT design team to get the final version.” – Matt Thornton


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