The Design Process Of Nike’s Nyjah Free 2018

3D Innovator at Nike, Matt Thornton (who shared some in-depth insights into the creation of the Nike Space Hippie collection) recently also shared a look at another project he was involved with, the Nyjah Free 2018.

“This project came to life with the help of a great Nike SB team. As the 3D design arm of the team I modeled concepts from the product designer and together we collaborated to come up with what is today the Nike SB Nyjah Free.” – Matt Thornton

Matt utilized auxetic structures for the sole pattern –

“These are structures or materials that have a negative Poisson’s ratio. When stretched, they become thicker, thinner, more flexible depending on the intended goal when directional force is applied. This project was about flexibility.” – Matt Thornton

Below you can see some of the initial 3D models, as well as a look at the final shoe.


Mr. Bailey

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