The Design Of The Reebok Sole Fury EXP.edition

Reebok Footwear Designer, Marc V Brosseau recently shared a look at the design of the Reebok “Sole Fury EXP.edition”, a Reebok split sole reimagined as a sneakerboot.

Tasked with creating authentic storytelling by solving a local need, the shoe was created with Canada’s harsh winters in mind. Since Canada has notoriusly cold winters and snowfall in urban areas, the EXP.edition is Reebok’s unique take on streetwear for the Fall/Winter season.

You can see some of the initial design process, as well as a look at the final product, below.

Design Direction: Dan Hobson & John Greenhalgh
Development: Julie Belkus & Matt Montross
Photos: Isaac Tookel

Mr. Bailey

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