The Design Of The Adidas OZWEEGO FW 2019

Adidas designer, Konstantin Baumann recently shared a look at some of the design process that went into adidas’ FW ’19, OZWEEGO.

“I am horrible in maintaining my portfolio but here is another shoe I worked on. I am excited to share a little bit about the project step by step – so more is coming soon. Part 1/4. Stay tuned!

A big thank you to the team involved especially big thanks to:

Creative Direction : Nic Galway, Oddbjorn Stevseng
Development : Sudan Zeng and Minh Ngoc Vo
Creation Team : Frauke Bindhammer and James Hatch
Marketing : Brendan Streader and Moritz Gottlob
Further Colorways : Jonning Chng

Big thank you to my Director Remy Eyraud for supporting the whole project!” – Baumann⠀

Below you can see some of the initial sketches, as well as a look at the final silhouette.

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