The Design Of The Adidas Originals “Streetball”

Adidas Footwear Designer, Jon G shared a look into the design process of one of their latest releases, the “Streetball’ sneaker.

“My latest project. A very emotional one for me as I see how the launch of this #adidasstreetball shoe is bringing people together thru hoops 🏀 🙏🏽 Reminds me of what the game did for me too.
Proud to have worked with the amazing creation team in PDX from design, development, and marketing. Thank you all for making this shoe come to life and to all the teams making the tournaments happen.” – Jon G

Below you can see some of the intial inspiration, sketches, and sole development, as well as the final product.

Color/Materials: Esther Chu
Marketing: Tom Smith & Sven Hermann
Development: Olivia Guo & Theresa Tu
Digital creation: Tianhan Zhang

Photo: adidas Originals
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