The Design of Adidas’ BYW X 2.0

Adidas Footwear Designer, Jonathan Guisbert recently shared some of the design process that went into the creation of their BYW X 2.0.

“The Office season 2, Atlanta “Robbin’ Season”, The Dark Knight…all sequels I appreciate cuz they showed me the power of change.
That’s basically what I learned during the process of designing this shoe. My first talks with the team were about what we thought worked from the earlier
#crazybyw shoes we did and how much to keep vs how much to let go. And letting go is not always intuitive.

Thanks to further team discussions, I studied the memorable icons of earlier shoes I did, and made sure this one was distinct. Perhaps letting go of proportions or tech I “liked” and replaced them with new ideas.
Special thanks to the design team for all those discussions:
Nic Galway, Chris Law, Prad Indrakumar, Andrew Parks, and the whole adidas Originals PDX team /// ” – Jonathan

Below you can see some of the process, from initial thumbnails to 3D sole development, and ofcourse the final silhouette.

Creative Direction: Nic Galway & Chris Law
Color/Material: Andrew Parks
Senior Designer: Prad Indrakumar
Product Marketing: Sven Hermann & Tom Smith
Development: Olivia Guo & Theresa Tu
Pharrell collab: adidas Statement team

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