The Design Behind The Unreleased Reebok “Solectrolyte”

Former Reebok Senior Footwear Designer, Ilija Nikolić shared some of the initial design behind an unreleased style, the Solectrolyte.

“Reebok Solectrolyte was inspired by Reebok Electrolyte from 1997. The main attitude was captured, yet it was not supposed to be the update to the classics model that Reebok brought back in 2019. I worked on it during the weird stage at Reebok when the “vector” logo gesture was forbidden on anything except classics, yet the top management wanted to have a reminiscence of it in some form (the sketches of those experiments would require 10 pages, but we ain’t showing that here). The most important is that after this, Reebok finally got back on track with it’s best logo – the vector, and it finally feels Reebok again 🤙🏼” – Nikolić

Below you can see some of the intial sketches, as well as the final prototype.

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