Tear Away Conscious Shoes

This project may not have the most beautiful sketches, clean renderings or super sleak final sample. But what it does have, is an extremely creative and interesting concept.

“With this innovative concept we´ve developed for El Naturalista, we are committed to the environment, optimizing materials, maximizing shoe life cycle and also allowing the user the customization of the product, allowing (them) to create (their) own shoe version.” – Blanca Duarte

Basically the concept, created by David Sicart, Karina Canedo, Blanca Duarte and Silvia Cabo, is creating a shoe in which each section can be torn off (either intentionally or otherwise). If either the shoe gets worn down in certain sections, or you just want to create a unique aesthetic, you can decide to just tear certain sections off. It’s a shoe with built in customization. It actually reminds me a little of the painted Margiela x Converse collaboration Chuck Taylors, where the user ends up uniquely altering the aesthetic of the shoe through the simple act of just wearing it.

Granted the level of execution could be a little higher, but the idea is incredibly intriguing. It’ll be interesting to see if David, Karina, Blanca and Silvia decide to explore the concept any further, or if it perhaps inspires someone else to execute it in a slightly different manner.









Mr. Bailey

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  • h_unltd - 4 years ago

    nike had this a million years ago used on a vandal.