Takashi Murakami Shares Design Process Of His First Sneaker

Legendary Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami recently shared a deeper insight into the design and development of his first sneaker, made in collaboration with Porter.

Detailing the full journey, from meeting Marc Ecko and his involvment in ComplexCon, being inspired by the sneakerheads attending the show, to working with Yuichi Wakatsuki on developing the sneaker and collaborating with the famed Japanese bag company, Porter, Takashi breaks down the full story.

The shoes feature a whole host of interchangable bags, laces, and hardware, as well as a sculpted, scooped moulded toe and a slightly splayed heel. The packaging was illustrated by JNTHED (an otaku illustrator who designs mechas for Takashi’s animation series 6HP @studio_poncotan and CGI/live-action sci-fi film Jellyfish Eyes) with the overal concept fbeing an homage to Ko Yokoyama, the author/creator of SF3D.

Below you can see some of the initial inspiration, prototypes and final shoe.


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