Sruli Recht & ECCO Create Translucent Leather Collection

The incredibly inspiring, Jerusalem-born creative, Sruli Recht has created “Apparition”, a collection of clothing and footwear made with translucent cowhide, developed in collaboration with ECCO.

“Apparition” is the result of Sruli and the team at ECCO working together for the past 3 years at their leather lab in the Netherlands to develop the special cowhide.

Translucent leather in itself isn’t necessarily a new thing. In the past, both Goats and Sheep hides have been used to create a translucent effect, but they had a hard like parchment finish to them. Sruli however, wanted to create a pliable version that was also large enough to create clothing.

“We asked ourselves what would be the holy grail of leather? I would say it would be creating a futuristic material that still maintains the properties that we know, love, and require from leather.” – Sruli Recht

Check out the video and some beauty shots of the shoe from the Apparition collection, below.

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