Sneakers For Breakfast | Mathieu Hagelaars

Next up is Mathieu Hagelaars, a.k.a “Studio Hagel”. Having created custom “Murakami shroud force 1’s” earlier this year, Matheiu re-created the custom design, making it available for the public to bid on and own for themselves. Matheiu also added a beautiful wooden box, lined and branded with Takashi’s artwork.

Super clean, well executed, and with the shoe having garnered a good amount of attention previously via HYPEBEAST and with Takashi wearing Hagel’s creations at various high-brow events, the shoes were for sure a crowd-pleaser.

Below you can see a glimpse of how the shoe started out (if you know Mathieu, you know he sketches by making), as well as a few beauty shots of the final shoes, which ended up being sold via silent auction for $7,600.00 (proceeds going to XQAmerica).

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 09.08.20


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