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“The Footwear Composer” and ConceptKicks team affiliate, David Mawdsley created a shoe monster for the Sneakers For Breakfast event with Takashi Murakami.

Having the day-to-day task of consulting for streetwear brands, creating footwear that is both unique, but also accepted by the masses, David decided to completley forgo using traditional sole materials and construction methods, and opted to use…Concrete….with fangs embedded into it…and people’s reaction to it was priceless, and refreshingly open.

This particular concept had the most polarising reactions, from people hating it, to absoltuley fawning over it, which I can only imagine was David’s initial intention. This was a shoe that truly embodied the intent of the project; to create an ART shoe that was a true relection of your personal creativity, not limited to regular consumerism and mass production constraints.

Below you can see an in-depth look into the design and development of David’s, Takashi Murakami concept, which ended up raising $2550.00 at auction (proceeds going to XQ America) for the Sneakers For Breakfast event at ComplexCon.

Feature image by Jesus Diaz

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SNEAKERS FOR BREAKFAST – The Process . I’m a designer by trade & a maker through past education. Creating beautiful, sellable products is something that I’m tasked with daily. Some months ago I was invited by Takashi Murakami to join 5 other talented designers / makers to create a pair of shoes to display & sell for charity at ComplexCon. Instead of designing a pristine sneaker & making it factory perfect, I decided to create a pair of shoes by my own means. Something that visually interprets, “My Takashi”. Something irregular with a juxtaposition of materials & colour. A Monstrous , vulgar shoe. Nothing normal, but somehow familiar. . To see the final product, wait until ComplexCon later this week (November 3 – 4). @ComplexCon @Takashipom #SneakersForBreakfast . Video : DMTFC – “The Process”. Made by : @ceeramsden . . . . . #complexcon #takashimurakami #complexkicks #conceptkicks #shoemaking #theprocess #lastcomesfirst #footweardesign #dmtfc #thefootwearcomposer

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