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It’s always a little tricky writing about yourself, but seeing as I’ve spoken about everyone else I guess there isn’t much of an option. My concept for Takashi Murakami’s, Sneakers For Breakfast event at ComplexCon, was inspired by Takashi’s Doptopus scultpures.

Throughout the entire design process I made it a point to only listen to Kanye’s Graduation album, as well as his collab with Kid Cudi on Kids See Ghosts (both albums that feature Takashi’s artwork on the cover) to get myself into the Takashi spirit (if you’ve followed ConceptKicks for a while you know I’m big on playlists). The aim of the concept was to create something that was just as much a wearable sneaker, as it was an art piece (similar to the vinyl Dobtopus sculptures).

I decided from the start I wanted to create something that would be a challenge. I used to do these concept sketches on Sundays (#SundaySketches) that were purely fun/conceptual, but I’ve always wanted to try an actually make one, so for this project that’s what I tried to do. After coming up with the initial super conceptual design I decided to reach out to a few friends in the industry to see if they could help me turn it into reality. Due to the fact I wanted the sneaker to be fully wearable I knew I was going to need some help creating moulds etc. After explaining the project to Jay & Alex from the GIC/Timberland, they were fully behind the project and started helping me develop the concept at one of their factories. With the amazing Linda, we created an incredibly intricate mid/outsole (Rubber “Tentacle” outsole, EVA Midsole) that was wearable, and an upper that was filled with tiny details, from a removable moulded cover, to Jelly Fish Eye toggles.

It goes without saying I was overwhelmed with the response to the concept, which ended up raising $17,100.00 at auction (proceeds going to XQ America).

You can see some of the initial sketches and development, as well as some beauty shots of the final samples, below.

Images via ComplexCon, @hlv2166inc, @creativeconnect & @kingmickeyo










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  • Philippe Holthuizen - 1 year ago

    So Daniel, what does the Japanese text on the tongue say?

    • MrBailey - 1 year ago

      “Sneakers” & “Breakfast”