‘SLIPPON’ Domestic Diabetic Footwear by Jie Wei Hwang

Footwear for diabetic patients is often a huge issue. With decreasing sensitivity in their limbs, cuts and abrasions can occur and  can lead to amputation if not dealt with correctly. Creating a shoe that is delicate & comfortable is an absolute priority. However, an added factor that designer Jie Wei Hwang has considered with his ‘Slippon’ concept, is the often extreme level of heat in certain areas of the world, making it uncomfortable and dangerous for diabetics to wear the often clunky shoes available to them –

‘This is an initiative to design a foot protection product for early diagnosed diabetic patients living in tropical region. The humidity and hot weather discourage patients to wear footwear/ foot protective gear at home. Due to their decreasing ability to feel pain, especially down at their lower limps. Lacking of adequate and suitable domestic foot protection product will expose them to potential injury threats like cuts and pressure wounds at home too.

Slippon is developed with the user in mind, it is packed with user-oriented features which could provide a natural and comfortable shield for the feet, just like a 2nd skin protection.’ – Jie Wie Hwang

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