SLEM + RISD | Wearable Tech for Sneakers (Video)

The future involves a lot of tinkering. A lot of trying different, wild sh*t out and seeing what happens. In the summer of 2015, eleven students from Rhode Island School of Design came to SLEM in Waalwijk to tinker, and create the sneakers of the future, applying wearable technology. The results they came up with were super interesting, and shows the wide breadth of possibilities for the culmination of technology within sneakers.

SLEM has actually been doing a brilliant job of pushing footwear innovation. Having recently taken part in a conference there myself, I can attest personally to the excitement surrounding SLEM right now. They just received a bunch of shoe making machinery, currently boast a small army of 3D printers and are looking to completely refurbish the entire facility and continue to hold conferences and bring in shoe innovators from across the globe.

You can also check them out at the GDS trade-show in Düsselfdorf from today till Friday (July 29-31), where they’ll be 3D printing soles, live throughout the show. You can also see all the wearable tech sneakers that the students created over the summer displayed at their booth (located in Hall 3).

“Imagine that in the future you could download 3D shoe design files, adjust them to your digital foot scan and print them out, including a fully functional electrical circuit with wifi, so your shoe can help you find the way home or prevents you from falling. Far fetched? Maybe not!
We will show you the latest developments in 3D printing, scanning and wearable technology throughout Hall 3 at GDS in Dusseldorf from July 29-31. This Digital Craft Highlight Route shows how far we already are with all kinds of new technology for footwear.” – SLEM


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