Sketch Demo with Nicholas Maloy

Polo Sport Footwear Design Director Nicholas Maloy recently broke down his sketching process and shared a sketch demo via his Instagram account.

Below you can see how he gets his initial proportions and then builds up the sketch from there.



Getting the proportions starts with blocking out your space. Once you get a feel of it – it becomes natural. But start with using the grid – 1/2’s and 1/3rds.


Block in the upper and the outsole. Proportions vary by a type of product you are sketching.


Drop out the grid so you can review the silhouette.

Loosely start working on your lines. This is where your sketch gets its character – you can exaggerate proportions and stroke of your marks or keep it a little more tight. It takes some time to develop your own approach.


Start thinking about details – how stitch lines flow, branding position and size, perfs, etc.


Add more line weight to define the shapes. This starts to pop the sketch off the page.


Block in the colors.

Add a stronger outline to the outside to further make the sketch stand out.


Add detail call outs or any other info that helps to understand the fabrication or construction techniques.


Mr. Bailey

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