Shoestorming – Recycled Outsole Handbag (Updated)

Here’s a very interesting project from designer, Sabina Alcaraz. Recycling her outsoles, she’s managed to find a pretty ingenious use for them and used them to create the base of her hand bag. I’ve always been a fan of this concept ever since I saw this  Jordan bag by Michael DiTullo, and wanted to see it taken further.

[highlight] Can you tell us a little about yourself? [/highlight]

I’m an art student at the Polytechnic University of Valencia,
interested in the world of graphic design and product design.

[highlight] What inspired this design? [/highlight]

This design was made for the contest of the Art Company shoes brand, where (it) has been selected (
The concept was born from the union of a female bag with a male sole, born UNISEX a bag. I want to unite the concept of recycling and male-female, two concepts are very interesting to me.

Check out more pictures of the bag, below.