Shoes?Toys?by Jinhua Gao

Chinese footwear designer Jinhua Gao recently finished his Masters in MA footwear at London College of Fashion. His final project being what we see below, a super inspiring and creative collection of concepts known as, “Shoes? Toys?”.

“My master’s project was initially inspired by functional shoes used as changeable and transformable structures that allow shoes to have a greater range of purpose. I’m interested in playful, adjustable, and adaptable constructions, such as toys and furniture. As my favorite features, these functional concepts promote the development of this project.

For my final collection, I have developed a collection of footwear-as-toys that explores the relationship between footwear and children’s toys. This project’s primary research question asks how to connect children’s toys to footwear to create a new playful context. My project focuses on traditional wooden toys, children’s psychology and activities, educational significance and fusion among them. The final products are interactive, playful and educational toys that inspire children’s cognitive, physical and social skills.” – Gao

You can see Gao’s clever and thought provoking shoe/toy hybrid concoctions, below.


7.rocking shoe

8.rocking shoe

WechatIMG21's shoe

6.6 mom's shoe's shoe



9.rolling shoe

10.rolling shoe


3.footprint block

4.footprint block



2.matching shoe with lacing

2.2 matching shoe with lacing


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