Shock Absorbing 3D Printed Shoes | Neta Soreq (Video)

It seems that I’m posting wild 3D printed footwear quite a bit lately. However, though these ‘Energetic Pass’ shoes by Neta Soreq still look pretty nuts, what makes these massively different than most (aside from these actually being available to buy) is that these shoes utilize 3D printing to create a super complex structure with purpose of providing the user with a shock-absorbent heel/shoe. The result, which you can see from the video below, is brilliant, and incredibly inspiring.

The shoes were conceptualized by Neta at the Bezalel Academy of art and design, with professor Eliora Lemmer Ginsburg. They were then printed in ‘nylon12’ by an SLS printer (provided by ARAN-RD), with the soles being printed in photopolymer (provided by the Object Company in digital material technology) to provide better friction with the floor. They’re also pretty lightweight and weigh between 220g to 330g per shoe. The flexibility provided by 3D printing also allows Neta the opportunity to offer the shoes to be individually created according to the user’s unique foot structure.

“My shoe design came from studying about hyper-actives people with a focus on different therapy treatments that direct the energy in the body. I was inspired by the structure of the muscles and the natural movement of the foot in different positions.

The spring heel has a mechanism which acts as a shock absorber, and gives the wearer a new walking experience.
The wearer doesn’t feel the pain and pressure that occurs because of the incline of a high heel shoe that has a fixed heel. The shoes can also help people with knee and back problems.

The design process included a deep research of the material properties and enabling flexibility by designing a unique structure. the design started with manual sketches to 3D sketches with a 3D pen, and then the building of the shoe design on a 3D scan of the anatomical shoetree, in Solidworks.” – Neta Soreq




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