See The Development Of Li-Ning’s Collaboration Sneaker With Soulland

Danish streetwear brand Soulland and Chinese sportswear company Li-Ning recently revealed two collaborative sneaker silhouettes to announce their creative partnership focused on the running culture.

‘Running creates the intersection of freedom, motion and meditation… of humanity and nature. Because of this, the Soulland team was so excited that runners’ culture would be the focus of our first project with Li-Ning. Our working together so far has allowed us to explore new design capabilities and forms, making the partnership all the more exciting and dynamic. Simply put, we can’t wait to share more of what we have planned!’ – Soulland co-founder and Creative Director, Silas Adler

The first silhouette, which has already caught a lot of attention since being revealed, is a runner style sneaker that features a double-stacked mid-sole with an open window at the mid-foot.

Below you can see some of the development of the sneaker, shared by the Instagram account, @Forty_two_and_a_half.

(Li-Ning & Soulland also added the tag line, “Pre – Inter – Post”⁠ to their posts, I’m assuming this alludes to ‘pre-run’, ‘inter-run’ and ‘post-run’, so I wouldn’t be surprised if another sneaker gets debuted shortly)

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