See the Design Process of the Filling Pieces “Inner Circle – DECONSTRUCTION” Collection

For Filling Piece’s latest collection they explored a different approach to their design process. Working from the inside out, they cut up some of their signature styles, taking apart the inner workings, using functional materials normally hidden away from sight to shape a different aesthetic.
I remember actually seeing these shoes earlier this year at their Paris gallery/showroom and being blown away by the execution of it all. What I didn’t know at the time however, was they had teamed up with the big homie, Borre Akkersdijk of the super innovative knitting brand, @byborre.

“We strongly believe in different design approaches and the fact that designers can learn from and inspire each other, to us creative freedom is always about pushing boundaries. Together with Luke Smits, we documented the ‘creative space’ concept, where we worked with Borre Akkersdijk of @byborre. The idea behind this project for us was to learn and get more insights in how other creatives approach design.”

“BYBORRE’s team explored working with materials we used for our Inner Circle shoes, forcing them to think outside of the box. Where they usually work from the yarn to product, now they had to work the other way around. Experimenting with materials and finally creating a series of objects in order to learn the properties of each different material.” – FP

You can see some of the design process behind the DECONSTRUCTION project, in the videos below.



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