See Some Of The Development of Nike’s N.354 & D/MS/X

A couple weeks back Nike announced the new “N. 354,” “THE10TH” & “D/MS/X” sportswear lines. Each line represnets a slightly different facet of the brand, from championing experimentation, to their love for competition.

Nike recently shared a breif insight into some of the development of 2 of their 3 new lines via their @354_10_6 Instagram account. Detailing everything from the 3D sole development, upper patterns and early prototypes.


“D/MS/X celebrates Nike’s rebellious and irreverent spirit. Playing at the intersection of subversive culture and love for competition, D/MS/X creates the new.” – Nike


“N.354 champions Nike’s legacy of experimentation and innovation.” – Nike

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Mr. Bailey

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